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We are the specialist in manufacturing a wide range of commercial & industrial central kitchen equipment for hotels, restaurants and school & factory canteens with head office in Singapore and production factories in Vietnam and China.
Induction and/or gas cooking suites – individual and tailor-made. Any design, shape, size or color choices to personalize your space and cooking experience.
Green & Clean Cooking with Trutec Induction. Save up to 60% of energy cost vs Gas & Electric Heating Element.
Powerful burners with high technology allow 100% combustion for high heat, blue flame and saving.
TruChill supplies high-quality standard refrigeration equipment and custom-made cooling units for refrigerated wine or cheese, refrigerated counters, cold rooms, freezers and buffet coolers, bottle cooler, wine cellar, display cabinets, etc…
We offer a wide range of gas or charcoal grills and specialty
cooking equipment such as Brazilian Churrasco Grills, Robata
Grills, Argentinean style Parilla Grills, custom grills that will make
an impressive feature in any display kitchen.
Our products offer a wide range of wood, gas, electric, static or rotating ovens; our high quality products combine ease of use, energy and fuel saving, top baking performance.
TruBake provides a full range of bakery equipment including various of Planetary Mixer, Spiral Mixer, Dough Divider,Dough Moulder, Dough Sheeter, Retarder Proofer, Rotary Rack Oven, Deck Oven,Convection Oven, Tunnel Oven, Bread Slicer and many other Utility Machines.
As a refrigeration expert, TruChill ice machines have full range of different types of cube, crescent, nugget, pearl, cylinder, square, flakes, snow ices and various designs of each type to fit various space requirement, so it not only serving performance but also design looks.
Trutec is recognized as a leading manufacturer of high-tech UVC kitchen hoods & ceiling ventilated system. We provide wide selection in various shapes and sizes as well as with custom engineered solutions to meet your specifications.
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Solutions & Technology
Solutions & technology tailored to your need !

By defining quality in every single detail from user-friendly design to robust construction  and ease of services, we provide diversified solutions of high performance and energy saving tailored to meet your individual style and needs through our expertise, experience and technology. 

True Quality in True Workmanship
Industrial Craftmanship

True Quality in True Workmanship

Know-how is Knowledge, Craftsmanship is Skill, we use technology to connect the dots to make our products more efficient and durable over time. Trutec guarantees superior quality products that are efficient and worth price; the result of solid know-how and industrial craftsmanship that has its fundementals firmly rooted in our research & development.......
Technical Knowledge and Practical Experience
Service & Support

Engineering Service & Support

We do not only provide solutions and equipment, but also support project shop drawings, coordination, technical suports to ensure best project quality. Mutual trust and good cooperation is of great importance for all of us. For that reason, we are committed to clear communication, flexibility and following up on agreements. The supports are flexible, available until at the last moment and striving for the highest quality.

#5-12 Bugis Cube,
Singapore (188735)


Bien Hoa I Industrial Zone,   
Dong Nai Province, Vietnam

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