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Table Top Proofer


  • Accurately controls humidity and temperature to accelerate or delay the proofing process of dough so that proofed dough can. be ready at any time required.
  • Automatic and manual control.
  • Door frames & windows with anti-fog function to prevent windows fogging.
  • Safe light setting to prevent leakage of electricity.
  • Glass window design for easy monitoring.
Model P-5T P-10T RP-5T RP-10T
Humility Control Spaying w/Built-in Water Tank Spaying w/Built-in Water Tank Spaying w/Built-in Water Tank Spaying w/Built-in Water Tank
Proofing Chamber 530 x 380 x 675mm 485  x 760 x 900mm  330 x 430 x 438mm 594 x 620 x 695
Temp. Rang Room Temp. to 50ºC Room Temp. to 50ºC 0ºC to 50ºC 0ºC to 50ºC
Electric Power 450W 450W 450W 450W
Electric Connection 220V/1Ph/50Hz 220V/1Ph/50Hz 220V/1Ph/50Hz 220V/1Ph/50Hz
Dimension 636 x 680 x 900mmH 485 x 760 x 900mmH 536 x 563 x 635mmH 594 x 620 x 695mmH
Unit Weight       80Kg
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